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The Name...     

    Dr. Stacie Holt and Dr. Tracie DeVault created a name for their practice that would best reflect their philosophy for patient care. "We understand that many people may look at the name Your Perfect Smile and, at first, miss its true meaning. We hope to change that. There is a reason we are not called, 'A Perfect Smile' or 'The Perfect Smile.' We truly believe that everyone can have a healthy, happy smile that is perfect for just that person. It isn't about everyone else's idea of a perfect smile. It's about yours, the one you see for yourself." Dr. Holt explains. "Smiles are as unique as the person wearing them. We want to find out what our patients think of their own smiles. If there are aspects they wish to change, we address those. If they are pleased with their smile, then we are pleased too."

Not Happy With Your Smile?

     "If a cosmetic smile makeover IS what you are looking for, this is also the place! We are devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your teeth using procedures that will result in beautiful, long lasting smiles. We want you to be confident knowing that we are a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians," Dr. DeVault explains. "Knowledge and experience in the most advanced and current dentistry trends and technology is a priority. Each year our team attends many dental courses, lectures, and meetings to learn about improved techniques, the latest products, and the newest equipment that a modern dental office can utilize to provide state-of-the-art dental care. Also, being members of multiple professional dental associations helps us to stay abreast of the changes and advancements in our profession." 

What We Can Do About Your Smile...     

       World class cosmetic dentistry parallels world class cosmetic surgery. From the smallest correction to major reconstruction, it is NOT the procedure that should be visible, it is the result. Dr. Holt and Dr. DeVault are excited to provide comprehensive dental treatment using today's best technology - from whitening and invisible tooth colored crowns and fillings to veneers, Lumineers, Invisalign, and implant restoration. Their unique talent is combining the treatments and procedures that you need, to allow you to show nothing but an amazing smile.

Building Relationships...     

    This same family philosophy is unmistakable in their practice today. "We searched equally long to find just the right people to share in our vision, and we have been blessed to find a group of amazing ladies who make up our team. We know that we cannot create the whole experience for our patients without them. Each of us has genuine respect and affection for the others, which is expressively appreciated by our patients," explains Dr. Holt.    "It is important to us that everyone who comes to Your Perfect Smile knows that they are part of this family. Our main focus is to develop a relationship of trust with our patients. Building this foundation is vital to a successful treatment outcome," emphasizes Dr. DeVault. "We focus on thorough exams and comprehensive consultations, spending quality time with each patient and getting to know their concerns. We never double book our schedules. Each patient can feel confident that their appointment time is reserved just for them. We don't rush our patients. We take the time to listen and to provide them with information so that together, we can decide which path will best achieve their individual desires and result in their perfect smile."

Comfortable Atmosphere...     

    From the colors and lighting to the furnishings, fountain, and music, Dr. Holt and Dr. DeVault have carefully chosen every design feature for their office to create an environment of casual elegance. "We believe that our office atmosphere greatly enhances the quality of the patient's experience," says Dr. Holt. "Our patients often tell us that they feel very relaxed here from the minute they enter the door."

The Result...     

    This combination of calming environment and caring teamwork helps nervous patients feel more relaxed. "We understand how anxious some patients may feel about dental visits and we make it our priority to provide a soothing and positive experience," Dr. DeVault assures. "Our entire team is dedicated to the kind of personalized care and service that makes our patients' visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Every time one of our patients makes that transition from being terrified of dentistry into being a settled, healthy, happy member of our dental family, we are reminded of exactly why we do this work."

Empowering Patients...     

    "We are true believers in preventive care and understand that education is key to optimal dental health. With so many methods and products available today to prevent tooth decay and disease, we believe that our patients can learn to have control over their long-term oral health and that's very exciting for us," Dr. Holt exclaims. "By providing them with, not only their ideal plan for treating existing problems, but also the tools to prevent future problems, we put the power in our patients' hands!" Full service dentistry, advanced smile makeovers, cutting edge technology and equipment, a team of caring, knowledgeable, dental professionals, and a comfortable atmosphere make Your Perfect Smile the smart choice for anyone looking for a new dental home and the smile they've always dreamed of.  

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